Industry Studies

Following are studies on specific sectors of the Jamaican economy.


Industry Studies

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  • An Exploratory Review of Moneylender Services (May 2017)

  • Competition Issues in the Grocery Sector in Jamaica (September 2015)

  • The Price of Finished Petroleum Products Rises faster than it Falls (January 2015)

  • Prospects for Competition in the Credit Union Sector (November 2012)

  • An Examination of Variation in Petroleum Prices (February 2012)

  • The Nature and Extent of Competition in the Commercial Banking Sector (December 2010)

  • A Note on Stimulating Competition in the Private Post-Secondary,Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions (September 2011)

  • Identifying the Drivers of Competitiveness in the Jamaican Tourism Industry (August 2009)

  • An Economic Enquiry into the Causes of the Perceived Asymmetric Price Transmission in Markets for Specific Consumer Goods in Jamaica (April 2009)

  • The Impact of Waiving Safeguard Measures on the Monopoly Producer of Cement in Jamaica (March 2009)

  • A Review of the Jamaican Telecommunications Sector (August 2007)

  • An Assessment on Impediments to Competition in the Pharmaceutical Sector in Jamaica (July 2007)

  • Report on the Supply of Gasolene in Jamaica (September 2004)

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