FAQ Consumers

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  • What are the objectives of the Act?

  • To whom does the Act apply?

  • What is the Act about?

  • When did the Act come into effect?

  • Which other jurisdictions also have fair competition legislation?

  • Which body administers the Act?

  • What are the powers of the Commission?

  • Can one appeal against the findings of the Fair Trading Commission?

  • What are the responsibilities of consumers?

  • Will I get compensation if I complain to the FTC?

  • What is a warranty?

  • How long is the warranty on a used or new vehicle?

  • What do I do if a manufacturer's warranty on an item states, for example, 1 year, and the merchant tries to give me a 3-month warranty instead?

  • How many times should a merchant be allowed to repair a product that malfunctions before he has to provide a replacement?

  • What Information should be included in a refund policy?

  • Is "no refund" a legal policy?

  • Why am I given a credit note and not cash when I return a defective product? Is there any law regarding this?

  • Should a customer be refunded if he wants to return a product that has no genuine defects?

  • If an item malfunctions three or more times, am I entitled to a refund if I am no longer interested in buying from that store?

  • Why is it necessary to get a receipt when I buy a good or service?

  • What is the "as is where is" principle?

  • What does "caveat emptor" mean?

  • Last modified: October 18, 2017