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  • What are the objectives of the Act?

  • To whom does the Act apply?

  • What is the Act about?

  • When did the Act come into effect?

  • Which other jurisdictions also have fair competition legislation?

  • Which body administers the Act?

  • What are the powers of the Commission?

  • Can one appeal against the findings of the Fair Trading Commission?

  • What makes a practice anti-competitive?

  • What is a dominant position in a market?

  • What kinds of practices might constitute an abuse of dominance?

  • Is it illegal for a supplier to charge me a different price from that which he charges my competitor?

  • Is a supplier breaching the Act if it refuses to supply me?

  • Is it lawful for my competitor to sell goods below cost price?

  • Are discounts prohibited under the Act?

  • A shop opening nearby will be selling the same goods as I sell. Does the Act prohibit this?

  • As trade barriers fall and Jamaican businesses are subject to greater competition from imports, will the Act still be relevant?

  • Will the Act limit my ability as a Jamaican producer to compete effectively with imports as trade barriers fall?

  • Last modified: October 18, 2017